Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sing something single

Some people buy a motorcycle to move themselves from A to B, but when singer Songwriter Gray Hawke bought a Royal Enfield it moved him to write a song. Here's his story;

"I got a wonderful motorcycle earlier this year - a Royal Enfield Bullet 500efi DL. As with most truly life-changing experiences, it had to have a song. I'd written a lyric, found what I think is a really catchy chorus and got a rhythm and feel for the song nailed about a month ago, but I was really struggling to find a tune and structure for the verses".

"Anyway, I decided to give it another bash yesterday (27th May) and finally got something that worked. A bit quirky and asymetrical - also quite difficult to remember! As I was already planning to go to Commonfolk yesterday, I gave the new song a run out in front of an audience - the first time I've ever finished and performed a song on the same day".

"It went pretty well - a few very positive comments from audience members afterwards, even though it was obviously a bit rough. Definitely one to polish up".

A sample of Gray's song can be heard on his Myspace site.

Charity CD "A Place to Live" is now finished and available for sale at £7 inc £2 p&p / admin. The CD includes the track "Bullet".  To obtain a copy people should email Gray at with their name and dispatch address details. He'll then send their copy of the CD by first class post with instructions for making payment.

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