Thursday, 1 July 2010

Royal Enfield Trials at Cosford Airshow

Royal Enfield joined the RAF recently, when two Trials bikes were chosen for emergency/escort/logistics duties at the Cosford Airshow.   Both macines were used continuously between 6.30am and 8pm (or should that be "Zero six hundred to twenty hundred hours, over") with numerous starts, crawler work, some periods of brisk "situation attendances" and all in a mixture of 25 degrees heat interspersed with torrential thunderstorms. 

"The RAF personnel were heaping praise on the machines all day, especially when the weather turned nasty in the afternoon and the vintage trials pattern Ensign tyres enabled them to get the large crowds [50,000 people!] away safely" reports Rob Jones, General Manager at Royal Enfield UK (2nd from left).

As a matter of interest the plane in the background is a Jaguar ground attack jet, which was in service with the RAF until 2007.  Apparently it is slightly faster than a Royal Enfield.
Thanks to Steve Smith or Midlands Royal Enfield for his support during the day and Tim Nettleton (RAF - left) for organising everything and everyone. 

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